You’ve worked hard, Karasuno.


They always say 'it's just a sport anime', but just like your brother, people get easily addicted as soon as they give these 'just a sport animes' a chance. It was the same with me. Never watched any before Kuroko, and now... Basket, swimming, volley, biking, baseball... XD Thanks for the great things you share and I love your layout.

i kNOW RIGHT!! idk people should just give the anime a chance before assuming it’s bad just because it’s sport tbqh. sighs. it’s not only sport anime look at all the tears we all shed over all the emotional damage it causes.

my brother ain’t a big sport anime fan but he got so stuck on haikyuu!! he started watching kurobasu imao he’s adorbs. !! i aLWAYS loved them tho and been reading haikyuu!! ever since the manga came out ehehe. 

aa oMG NO DON’T THANK ME <33 making others happy makes me happy! ^q^ smooches nose

What the heck is so good about haikyuu even? It's just a sport anime. :\

yea no 

sports anime aRE amazing and i know there are some people who don’t like them bUT

this is the same thing my brother asked before i got him into watching it

and now he’s crying in his room because i told him this week’s episode is the last so„„, yEA



Let's play!


Let's play!

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Kitty, what are you going to do once Haikyuu!! end? ;__;

um no excuse you

haikyuu!! never ends. haikyuu!! shALL NEVER END I WILL NOT BELIEVE SUCH LIES. 

there are more episodes to come. the baes will never leave be quiet anon stop being so negative don’t feed people such terrible lies.

get to know me meme ▻ [ 1/5 ] male characters

「 makoto tachibana 」